Crazy Tube Circuits

Crazy Tube Circuits Sidekick 延时/混响/周边/箱模DI 3通道 单块效果器


  • 型号: Sidekick
  • 价格: 2499
  • 产地: 希腊



Crazy Tube Circuits – Sidekick 延时/混响/合唱镶边/箱模DI 单块效果器

Sidekick将延时、混响、合唱/镶边集成在一个紧凑型单块中(14,5 x 12,3 x 7厘米),同时添加了接地降噪、箱体模拟、衰减和耳机监听功能,非常适合巡演及小型效果板需求。周边单元包括全模拟的合唱和镶边。延迟单元最大时间为700毫秒。混响单元提供3种算法(exciter-取自Splash mk3plate钢板和shimmer光晕效果)。






Meet Sidekick - The perfect companion

Sidekick combines the most common time based effects and creative tools in a compact design (14,5 x 12,3 x 7 cm), ideal for any fly-rig or small board setup. Starting with a fully analog, lush BBD chorus  for 3-dimensional sounds that can be also switched for less modulated delay time and extra feedback creating a flanger like effect. A sweet but sparky echo / delay with a maximum delay time of 700ms adds organic repeats to your tone while 3 algorithms of spacious reverb (exciter – taken from Splash mk3, plate and shimmer) create the perfect ambience.

You can use any of the effects on their own or combine them to create the soundscapes of your dreams.

A switchable studio quality buffer / preamp taken from our Magnifier pedal ensures that all your precious tone will be kept unaltered through travels of long cables or enhance/boost your signal if needed (microphones, low output / piezo / acoustic instruments...)

With the DI and Headphones outputs with switchable amp / speaker simulation you can always have your personal in-ear monitor with you or silent practice late at night and at the same time connect to your audio interface / mixing console.