King tone - HeavyHand 过载单块效果器 Duellist 之B通道

HeavyHand来自成功型号 Duellist 的B通道,同时加以新功能集成,提供具有大范围可调性的现代过载音色!

  • 型号: HeavyHand
  • 价格: 2180
  • 产地: 美国

图片关键词HeavyHand来自成功型号 Duellist 的B通道.

HeavyHand具有与Duellist B通道完全相同的组成部分电路和音色。同时,HeavyHand还具有其他功能,包括一个名为“Body”的旋钮。这帮助用户设置低频。还有一个“Edge”开关,这帮助用户添加电子管音色的渲染。最后,您现在可以调整踏板的削波。“Stock”开关将重现经典的Duellist B通道,“Comp”开关可以给你一个具有压缩感的过载音色与咆哮,粗砂粒的音质,相比之下,“Open”开关提供了就像电子管箱头过载一样粗狂开放的音色。


  • 美国手工生产

  • 原版重现 Duellist 的B通道

  • 重塑经典的过载音色的同时带来了新的功能,让可调范围变得更大

  • 顶部音频口设计,节省布局空间

  • True Bypass真旁路

  • 精心匹配和选择的组件

  • 高品质 4558 芯片

  • 100% 纯手焊

  • 激光雕刻外壳面板

  • ‘Edge’和‘Glass’添加了电子管的音色味道

  • ‘Body’ 在低音 Low End 功能(这取代了Duellist上的“FAT”控件)

  • 增加了‘comp’压缩感开关

  • 9 V电源或电池供电






The HeavyHand is Side “B” Of the Duellist

The HeavyHand is side B of the Duellist pedal. It features thee same components high end and tone.  The HeavyHand also has additional features including a dedicated control for the fat setting named “Body”. This allows the user to dial in the correct amount of added low end to the tone. There is also the addition of an Edge setting, this allows the user to add an edgy, tube’y quality to the tone.  Finally you can now make adjustments to the clipping section of the pedal. Stock will give you the classic Duellist Side B tone, “Comp” gives you a more compressed overdriven tone with a growly, gritty quality, great for sustaining lead or riff sounds. “Open” is a silky amp-like tone with rich harmonics and enough volume to overdrive any tube amp.

  • Hand Wired

  • Wide Drive Controls, Allow Almost Clean Overdrive Tones,  All The Way To Full-On Overdrive Settings With No Compromise In Tone

  • Highest Quality Components

  • Classic Duellist Tones In A Smaller Size

  • True Bypass (No Tone Loss)

  • Stock, Glass and Edge Toggle Switch

  • Stock, Open and Comp Toggle Switch

  • Body Control Allows Rotary Control Of The Standard “Fat” Control

  • Classic Overdrive Tones But With Many More Options

  • High Quality Top Mounted Jacks Sockets

  • Performance  4558 Chips

  • Laser Engraved Control Panel

  • Power From DC or 9v Battery

  • Built To Last A Lifetime


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